Inbred Whittakers squeal at big wheel, chomp on candy floss on theme park trip
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    Members of an infamous inbred family similar to those in the Deliverance film have been living their best lives at a theme park.

    The story of the Whittaker family, who live in a rural hamlet called Odd in Virginia, has been shared with the world by documentary maker Mark Laita for his Soft White Underbelly series.

    In the YouTube latest video, the family are treated to a day out at the West Virginia State Fair.

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    The family looked both baffled and excited in equal measure as Mark drove them to the fair, with a slightly awkward “pit stop” along the way.

    Once at the fair, the younger family members who only grunt rather than speak are seen squealing with joy when they're shown some of the rides they can go on and games they can play.

    One of the males, Jimmy, joins his parents on a swinging-type ride and can be heard letting out an almighty noise of excitement as it starts.

    Jimmy is later seen winning a prize on the bubble pop game, as the man running it celebrates when he's given a “tip”.

    The entire family was later seen enjoying candy floss, possibly for the first time in their lives.

    The video of the bizarre experience has already amassed nearly 600k views in just 24 hours.

    Creator Mark, who brought a woman called Lauren with him, was praised heavily in the comments.

    One fan wrote: “It took one man to change the lives of so many.

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    “Mark, you have all the markings of a saint and you have opened a window for the rest of us to look at what acceptance and humanity is all about.

    “You took a family and lifted them to another level of happiness and you have a caring nature that is pure of heart and the Whittaker family know this too.

    “When I see this family, I don't see disability or mental health issues, I see a family unity that is strong and supportive.

    “They love each other and if you are lucky enough to be invited into their lives, it is a lifetime bond.”

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    And a second commented: “I couldn't help but smile the entire time they were at the fair.

    “Seeing the joy on their faces was very heart warming.

    “I love how Mark sounds bubbly and happy when he's with them.

    “I tell everyone about your channel and how great it is!”

    A study of the Whittaker family tree, revealed that the parents of the 15 siblings were “first double cousins”.

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    First double cousins share all four grandparents and arise when two siblings reproduce with another set of siblings and the resulting children are related to each other through both parents' families.

    Earlier footage captured of the incestuous family shows that while some members of the family can speak limited English, many only communicate through grunts and yelps.

    Mark’s documentaries, the first of which was published on YouTube two years ago, blew up and won the family fans from around the world.

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