Inside creepy abandoned high school that last saw students 14 years ago

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An urban explorer has taken a peek around a spooky abandoned Scottish high school that hasn't seen life for 14 years.

The former secondary school, known as an academy, now looks like the set of a horror themed post-apocalyptic blockbuster with overgrown vegetation and pigeons replacing the once bustling students and staff.

Rothesay Academy on the Isle of Bute last saw people in 2007, but the once picturesque school was left abandoned when they suddenly moved to a new campus.

Rothesay Academy was built in 1959 and overlooks Rothesay bay.

YouTube explorer Mat&aBackpack captured poignant footage of the dilapidated establishment when he and some friends entered the building back in April.

The many empty classrooms still eerily display past student's work, covering the crumbling and discoloured walls behind it.

Once pristinely kept toilets now sit in ruin and hang above piles of broken tiles on the floor.

Many of the classrooms' doors are blocked and boarded up but footage peering inside shows them in spookily good condition, with desks and 14 year-old projectors remaining untouched.

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The lockers appear thrown open with old workbooks and equipment flooding on to the floor.

A giant assembly hall houses stacks of forgotten exam desks and chairs, with a single drum spewed on the ground.

Impressive drone shots show the exterior of the forgotten five-storey academy in what could almost be working condition.

The entrance is now covered in trees and overgrown bushes filled with pigeons and wildlife.

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The academy's logo and motto 'Fortiter At Suaviter', meaning 'firmly but gently', still remains in tact on a mural behind the school stage.

Carpets and wallpaper are now covered in mould and damp as the elements have slowly taken their toll over the years.

Writing in a comment below the video, Mat&aBackpack said: "There was tons of stuff, recording equipment, projectors, hoover's, reusable furniture, education materials and the school budgets where all lying around, really wild kinda of like on the last day everyone just got up and left."

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He added that the school gave him "Chernobyl vibes".

A former student also commented on the video: "Hello again my old School, It's so weird to watch that back it feels like looking at Chernobyl in the city of Pripyat. Great footage, great memories."

Another past pupil said: "Former pupil here. I attended this place from 1985 to 1991 and have very negative memories of it. How were you able to get inside? I went for a look round it in 2008 but but could only film in a few of the windows before they got boarded up. It's bizarre seeing the interior again."

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Mat&aBackpack replied: "I went up a few times getting Arial shots of the building it was always boarded up but I decided to go up again one last time to get some more footage on the ground walking the perimeter and the door had been busted open so went inside to check it out.

"I've been on the island two years and it's always been closed but at some point in the last month it has been breached."

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The actual exterior of the building has remained mostly in tact, and still offers incredible views over Rothesay Bay.

The academy has now moved to Rothesay Joint Campus and shares a building with Rothesay Primary School and Argyll College.

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