Inside creepy attic full of hair and photos housemates claim is ‘stalker’s lair’

A group of housemates were chilled to the core when they found what looked like a criminal "cold case" in the attic.

In a TikTok video, Australian man Matt Martin @mattmartin85 shows the "stalker shrine" his girlfriend found under the eaves.

The walls are covered with images of the same person who appears to be a footballer and the object of the photographer's obsession.

Meanwhile, there are also bags filled with red liquid – which viewers reckon looks like "blood" – dangling down.

Matt says the other stuff in the collection include "dusty clothes, footy boots, film photos and zip lock bags containing used bandaids, cigarettes and hair".

The video was watched more than 300,000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday (February 6) and people were just as disturbed as the housemates living at the property in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

One viewer said: "Anyone else feel like this would probably solve a cold case?"

"Ummm was that a bag of blood?" asked a second person, sounding freaked out.

Sounding skeptical, a third user said: "Okay but who puts this much effort into stalking, leaves tons of evidence, then just moves out and forgets about it."

Another person commented: "Hahaha I know people who used to live in this exact house and they found the guys who made it as kids and said it was just a game they played."

After he went to the police at the bequest of his viewers, Matt updated them on the situation.

He said: "We called the hotline and they pretty much just said if there are no body parts don’t worry about it,” he said.

“I think one of us is going to have to do the dirty work and get it all down and throw it all out to make sure it’s all gone."

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