Inside Japan’s secretive Squid Game like death row with mystery death trapdoors

There are still, shockingly, many places left in the world where the death penalty is given to the worst members of society today.

One of those which might surprise people is Japan.

Despite only being applied for aggravated murder convictions, the country also has the power to enact it for treason and military insubordination.

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And an image from a punishment room inside a Japanese prison has left many baffled – and scared.

One of the methods still used by Japan is known as “long-drop hanging”, and a picture of the room used to do it in looks like something out of hit Netflix show Squid Game.

The photo shows an ominous red square on the floor, with a small red square inside it.

Above that is the metal fixing loop where the rope is hung from.

But what lies beneath the creepy trap door is unknown, other than it being the space for the person being punished to swing from.

The image has gone viral on Reddit, although it has not been made clear exactly which prison the room is in – apart from being in Tokyo.

Users added more chilling facts about the way Japan carries out punishments in the room.

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One user wrote: “They don't tell the death row prisoners when they will be executed until the morning of execution.

Also they have around 99% conviction rates (not death sentence but still), so if you end up in a criminal court there you are screwed. “

And another added. “The long drop technique of hanging developed by Rev. Dr. Samuel Haughton is actually one of the most humane execution methods that exists.

“His early work on estimating the amount of force needed to break the neck was a game changer.”

Despite the claim that it is the “most human method”, Hideaki Nakagawa, director of Amnesty International Japan, has called for it to be outlawed numerous times.

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Speaking about one person who were recently punished in this way, he said: “The hanging of Tomohiro Kato (a mass murderer) is a callous attack on the right to life. Regardless of the crimes he had committed, he should never have suffered the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment at the hands of the state.

“Kato was in the process of requesting a second retrial of his death sentence.

“Carrying out an execution during a request for retrial clearly violates international safeguards set out to protect the rights of those facing the death penalty.

“The Japanese authorities should immediately introduce a moratorium on executions as a first step toward abolishing the death penalty entirely — and commute all death sentences to terms of imprisonment.”

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