Inside Loo of the Year with scampi fries, TV and ‘designer poo roll’ to wipe

An unusual toilet featuring built-in WiFi, a snack area and electric fans has been picked as the winner of a prestigious Loo of the Year award.

The annual award ceremony gives prizes to those who create a “home away from home” kind of toilet, and it started in 1987.

Now in its 36th year, the winners of a new category were branded as the Ultimate Builders Portaloo.

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Created by Bald Builders and the blokes at Fix Radio, the toilet was also graded Platinum Plus by a team of judges.

The portable potty, which was equipped with an on-site radio, has an electric fan, WiFi and snacks such as pork scratchings and scampi fries.

The Ultimate Builders Portaloo was the inaugural winner in the Building and Construction category.

Jack Edwards, senior producer for the Bald Builders Breakfast said: “The idea of building the ultimate on-site lav started as a radio feature on the shown in June last year.”

The team also created a YouTube video showing how the toilet was created.

It shows the outside of it covered in fake brick print, while the inside also comes complete with deodorant, air freshener and “designer poo paper”.

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After taking suggestions from listeners on air and converting a Portaloo supplied by Euroloo, the judges visited the Bald Kitchen in July to see it in situ, and give it a try – and it appears they loved it.

During the visit, one of the judges said: “The vision is, as you look for a food hygiene certificate when you go somewhere to eat and drink, we want people to look for the gradings from bronze to diamond when they go in anywhere to use away-from-home wash-rooms.

“People want to know now that it's going to be safe and clean.”

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Jack added: “We can now say honestly that we have an award-winning morning breakfast show.

“Although this started as a bit of a joke, there is a serious side to this.

“The Loo of the Year Awards promote safe and hygienic places to go to the toilet, something that the industry needs more of.”

Other categories include Public Toilets, Baby Changing Facilities, Space to Change and Eco-Friendly toilets.

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