Inside ‘nuclear bunker home’ that ‘housed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile’

A strange 'nuclear bunker home' that was once home to America's first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is on the property market for just £450,000.

The bizarre house is located in an underground "super-hardened silo" built in 1962 and designed to withstand any nuclear attack.

The decommissioned Atlas-F missile complex is located in York, Nebraska, US and has two floors (spanning 1,256sqf each), one bedroom and one bathroom.

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Anyone concerned by Vladimir Putin's recent threats of nuclear Armageddon can secure their safety for $550k (£453k).

All the action is located on the first floor where an open plan kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all come together.

It's liveable with connected electricity as well as hot and cold running water – although the giant 500 gallon water tank in the centre of the room may put some people off.

Property site Zillow, where the bizarre home is listed, described the second floor as an "unfinished space".

A tunnel leads from this space into the actual silo itself, described as an "incredible structure [that] is 174ft deep and 52ft across with reinforced concrete walls, 2.5ft thick at the bottom and up to 9ft thick on top".

There are also two gargantuan launch doors on the silo, weighing over 50 tons.

Images of the property were posted by Instagram page @zillowgonewild, and people were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section.

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One joked: "'I think someone has actually been living in this one' is a weird way of saying 'being held captive'."

A second said: "Ya know, just in case someone bombs (checks location)… York, Nebraska."

"The staging was well done. Look at that fancy dining room and neatly rolled bath towels," a third said.

While a fourth wrote: "Love the rolled towels as if they’re expecting company."

Another added: "They could have at least added some wallpaper."


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