Inside ‘world’s first’ immersive brothel with sex dolls and live voice actors

A cyber brothel with sex dolls voiced live by real women as punters enjoy them has been hailed as a world first and "the future of sex".

Cybrothel is the first immersive sex doll brothel in Berlin, Germany, and perhaps even the world. It was initially opened in 2020, and is co-owned by Philipp Fussenegger, who claims: "We are the future of sex."

The dolls, who speak English and German, are neither robots nor powered by artificial intelligence, and still retain a human element as a voice actress sits in another room and engages with punters by talking to them as she watches the tryst unfold and they experience the coming together through VR porn images.

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The company line is that "each silicone doll has a unique personality and you can talk to them in real time, to get inspired and be sexually/verbally stimulated."

"The audio and visual features create the effect we call ‘analogue AI’ to give the dolls a more elevated and playful character for real time interaction," Fussenegger told The Sun.

The company says that they are working on integrating robotics in Cybrothel soon, as the future of sex becomes less human and more artificial. Fussenegger believes his business is "an adult playground and a new way of experiencing pleasure."

"AI exists so we have to embrace it," Fussenegger said. "Having sex this way isn’t something to be scared of. It can’t compete with conventional sex with humans, it’s just different.”

Matthias Smetana, the co-founder of Cybrothel, stated that a variety of people are interested in the experiences they offer, on the cutting edge of traditional sex.

"Surprisingly, VR porn is very popular among women and couples. I think women like to experience how it would feel to have a penis. A woman can put on a strap-on 'penis' and have 'sex' with the doll in front of them," he explained.

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"When they put on the VR headset they will see the doll moving and talking to them. It's a bit like a sexy Siri,” added Smetana.

Fussenegger said his clientele are ‘normal’ people who may not want to have sex with a human sex worker due to the stigma it. “They want to be alone with a doll and not be judged for it,” added Fussenegger.

The dolls at Cybrothel are cleaned after every visit, with water and pH-neutral soap. They are then disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and the room is sanitized, the company said.

When punters arrive at the site in the alternative Friedrichshain neighbourhood, they are let in without human contact. "You remain completely anonymous!" the company states on its website.

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Private rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a kitchenette and a state-of-the-art home cinema for watching porn or other movies. "The luxurious bed welcomes you to the sexual experience of your dreams," the company boasts.

Adressing privacy concerns, the company clarified that nothing that happens between a sex doll and a client is recorded. All clients are made to sign a data protection agreement and there are no webcams present in the establishment.

The Premium Package, or “Full Option”, sees guests book sessions with a doll and interactive voice from 120€/30min. The “VR – Experience” is available from 129€/45min. Here, punters experience two dolls hanging in love swings in doggy & missionary position with accompanying VR porn.

Kokeshi, one of the most popular dolls, could move her hips, moan, 'breathe' and even had a pulsating vagina.

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