iPhone 'spring cleaning': how to delete multiple contacts all at once

This is how to ‘spring clean’ your iPhone: Hack lets you delete multiple contacts at once

  • There are several ways to delete more than one contact at a time on your iPhone
  • Each of the hacks can be done with dropping and dragging functions 
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Deleting your contacts one by one can be tedious, but a hack shows an easy way to ‘spring clean’ your iPhone of unwanted numbers.

There are tricks to remove all your contacts at once, just a few or a whole group, with the tap of a finger or two.

It combines the drag-select feature of iOS 16 with the extended press function that allows you to delete contacts quickly.

Below are the hacks to rid your life of unwanted contacts: 

Ready to ‘spring clean’ your iPhone of unwanted contacts? There are hacks to delete groups at a time

Deleting multiple iPhone contacts fast

For this quick hack, all it will take is two fingers, or maybe one finger and one thumb. Here’s how to remove multiple contacts at once, or even multiple groups of contacts, on your iPhone:

Pressing with two fingers at once will allow to select and remove multiple contacts in bulk

Deleting all contacts on an iPhone

Obviously, you could drag and select all of your contacts with the two-finger approach above to delete them. It might even be cathartic.

 But if you’re looking for something faster, another quick way to delete your contacts in bulk is to select a list of contacts linked to an account in your settings. 

This trick is beneficial if you’ve just switched jobs:

You can delete iCloud accounts, old work email contacts, and other sets in full via Settings

 Deleting contacts on iPhone, one by one

You can also delete your contacts in a more targeted way via the edit function. 

This is a great way to prune or update numbers for a contact who has also changed. 

Here’s what to do: 

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