Kim Jong-un in mullet crackdown as he orders ban on ‘fashion hair-dos’

Kim Jong-un has ordered fashion police to take action in a crackdown on “non-socialist” hair dos – like the mullet.

The North Korean ruler had outlawed long or spiked hair similar to that of the 80s’ cut recently reinvented in the West by pop star Billie Eilish.

Locals seen copying the Bad Guy singer’s retro style face an enforced trip to the barbers.

Men and woman each have a choice of 15 ­alternative haircuts – all very similar.

Women are not allowed long tresses and have been banned from dying their locks.

The provincial Youth League recently issued an order on “proper” hairstyles and clothing, ­according to news outlet Daily NK.

It states that authorities view unauthorised hair-dos as part of the “yellow wind of capitalism” and labelled it “anti-socialist behaviour”.

At the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, members decided harsher action should be taken against culprits.

Repeat offenders could be locked up in labour camps.

North Korea also outlaws Western-style clothing such as ripped jeans, T-shirts bearing slogans and nose and lip piercings.

Women caught wearing mini-skirts or fishnet stockings face a £3 fine.

Last month we told how Billie, 19, reinvented the mullet cut – short at the front and sides and long at the back – by accident after a hair dye disaster.

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