Kim Jong-un’s ‘second daughter is edited out of North Korean propaganda video’

Mystery surrounds the fate of North Korean leaders Kim Jong-un's 'secret second daughter', who has supposedly been edited out of state propaganda.

The strange news comes a few days after his other daughter, Ju Ae was recently spotted with her despot dad – who wants North Korea to become the most powerful nuclear force in the world – while he was inspecting a new addition to his artillery, a Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), earlier this month.

She was spotted again on November 19, making her North Korean TV debut.

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But now her sister, who has never been seen in public before, has seemingly been scrubbed from existence by state media just hours after making her own TV debut.

According to NK News, which is run from South Korea but focuses on its neighbours,

InDPKR showed a patriotic video montage featuring the girl, but her face had been edited out and replaced by the time it was replayed a few hours later.

The outlet suggested that Kim Jong-un might have “felt it inappropriate” to broadcast images of his unannounced second daughter so soon after revealing his first.

Others, however, suggested that the regime might be signalling that the unnamed youngster might not be Kim’s daughter after all.

Michael Madden, a leading expert on North Korea’s elite, said: “It is highly probable that state media edited out the footage of the singer as a way to clear up confusion and misinformation.

“If there had, in fact, been misconceptions, it would be in the interests of the regime's publicity cadres to clarify that.”

Individuals who have provoked the wrath of the regime have also been edited out of North Korean propaganda in the past.

But Mr Madden – who runs the North Korea Leadership Watch website – doubted that it would be the reason in this instance.

“It is standard practice in North Korean state media for recalcitrant and ousted officials to be cropped out or airbrushed from photos and videos,” he said.

“This almost always happens with senior officials were dismissed from office and executed.

“It is highly probable that this is not at all the case with the girl singer at the concert and would not apply to her.”

It remains possible that the girl, if not a scion of the dictator himself, nonetheless has the blood of the ruling family in her veins.

But for now the real identity of the child remains shrouded in mystery.

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