‘King Charles’ turns down adult movie role ‘out of great respect’ for royals

A King Charles III look-a-like has turned down a role in a porn movie out of his "great respect for the Royals".

Guy Ingle, 62, has taken on a variety of jobs during 32 years of posing as the soon-to-be made up monarch.

But he drew the line at starring in an X-rated flick as the King.

Guy, from Ampthill, Beds, told New magazine: "I'm lucky that my job has taken me all over the world.

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"I've filmed adverts in locations like Japan, the United States and Spain. I even starred in a Bollywood movie and was once paid over £1,000 to deliver a five-minute speech to celebrate Heathrow Airport opening Terminal 5.

"But there are things I wouldn't do regardless of the money on offer. One time I was asked to appear in an X-rated film, much to my amusement.

"I laughed at the offer but politely declined. I've always had a great respect for the Royals so I'd never portray the King in a negative way.''

But while there are some jobs he deems to be unacceptable, he's appeared in Hollywood movies alongside the likes of Leslie Nielsen.

Thirty years later, he still becomes nervous before appearing in front of people as he always wants to "do Charles justice".

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He explained: "Being a lookalike is a lot more than just looking like someone. I have to be able to make people believe that I am the King and that requires a lot of research.

"I've watched an endless amount of videos and I'm constantly looking at new pictures of Charles before every gig just so I can copy his body language."

Guy can only take on Charles' voice by clenching his jaw and raising his eyebrows which automatically sends him into "autopilot".

However, his job doesn't come cheap as he splashed out on a £400 hairpiece which allows him to morph into the Head of State which takes around 20 minutes to put on.

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