Landlord’s ‘disgraceful’ listing for room ‘smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard’

A tiny curtained-off corner of a three-bedroomed flat in Sydney, Australia, is being offered on Airbnb for £34.50 a night – with a minimum stay of four nights.

The tiny “room” doesn’t even have a bed – just a mattress on the floor. Commenters on Reddit were quick to lay into the bizarre “accommodation”.

“At least Harry Potter's room under the stairs had an actual door!,” one joked.

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Another asked: “How little shame must you have to think something like this is even remotely appropriate?”

The owner of the room, a woman named Dinda, has four other listings on Airbnb and describes herself as a 'friendly and mature Sydney accountant' who has lived in Australia for 25 years.

Dinda's listing, which has since been taken down, read: "Affordable spacious living room, suitable for someone who can sleep in any conditions.

"Live with other professionals and mature tenants in the modern apartment equipped with gym, pools and sauna. Trendy suburb, very close to bus stops.

"You can have the whole house to yourself on weekdays from 8.30am-6pm as everybody is at work."

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One Redditor wryly commented that it was: "Less a room, more a blanket fort."

Several other commenters remarked on how this was just an extreme example of Sydney’s worsening housing crisis.

One said: "People are renting a tent in someone’s lounge room in Sydney. It’s disgraceful. I thought living on a balcony was bad."

Figures from Australia’s National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation predict that there will be a shortage of 106,000 homes across Australia by 2027 as a result of soaring interest rates, rising immigration, a lack of building and opposition to development from existing residents.

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Another commenter on the "Harry Potter room” thread pointed out that it was very much in the spirit of the early days of Airbnb: “Airbnb used to have listings that were just couches to sleep on.

“They still might, I haven't looked – but they were great for me when I was broke. I would say this is more in keeping with the original spirit of the airbnb – a cheap place for someone to crash, and a bit of extra cash for the renter/homeowner.

"Far preferable to the current situation with apartments and homes being snapped up for the sole purpose of being rented out as Airbnbs”.


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