Lettuce mania as Halloween party goers don Daily Star’s very own Liz Truss veg

The chaotic 44-day reign of Liz Truss as Britain’s third prime minister in six years may have been a disaster for the economy, but at least it’s provided Daily Star readers with a few laughs.

Several of you have shared photos of lettuce-themed Halloween costumes, commemorating the Star’s “Will Liz Last Longer Than A Lettuce?” Campaign which went viral around the world.

The humble 60p iceberg lettuce from Tesco, while wilting slightly around the edges, outlasted the hapless Conservative leader, and became an unlikely national icon.

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One reader, Jemma Lloyd, told us she wore her home-made lettuce costume to the annual Halloween Party at her local climbing centre, The Nest in Hayes.

“The costume comp had a lot of competition this year and it was judged by a cheer-o-meter," Jemma said

She continued: “The final two were an inflatable dinosaur and my lettuce costume, but I got the edge thanks to my homemade papier maché creation!”

Jemma made the spectacular costume by adding papier maché to a physio ball, then painted it and added the eyes and wig.

“I could barely move when I wore it,” she says, “but it was worth the laughs!”

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Another Daily Star lettuce legend, Pierre Ehmann, told us he was at a party in Guernsey, and had some great reactions to his costume.

“We went into town and it was really just a mixture of laughter and bewilderment,” he says, “but most people got the reference. Sadly Liz outlasted the lettuce on the dance floor”.

Michael, whose Lettuce mask was one of the most haunting of the costumes on show, says he was inspired after someone he followed on Twitter had commented about how he was dreading a wave of sexy lettuce costumes.

"I was looking for a low-effort costume for my sister's Halloween bash." he told us, and thought a non-sexy lettuce would be perfect.

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"I was literally just gonna wear a lettuce leaf on my face with a couple of eye holes," Michael told us, "but my wife, Beki, took the idea and ran with it. She made a cardboard mask and covered it with lettuce, then drew that signature smile and stuck it on.

"Combined with the wig it took me right back to the golden age of Liz Truss' time in office two weeks ago.

Almost everyone at the party got the joke and for those that didn't I had my resignation special edition of the Star. It didn't break the bank either, unlike the mini-budget".

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Sadly, former PM Liz is back in the news again this week after the shocking revelation that while she was Foreign Secretary her phone had been hacked by Russian secret agents – potentially exposing hundreds of vital British government secrets to the Kremlin.

The phone was considered so dangerous that defence experts locked it in a safe in a secure location.

Perhaps next Halloween, we’ll all be dressed as Liz’s phone.


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