Life after death: Scientist reveals evidence to ‘prove’ afterlife

What comes after death remains one of the biggest mysteries to humanity. While there is no scientific evidence of an afterlife, many people believe they have seen what death offers up. One person who had a near-death experience when she was a child believes she saw the afterlife, where she was greeted by a mysterious, faceless figure.

A woman named Janine almost drowned when she was just three-years-old, leaving her on the brink of death.

Janine believes she had an out of body experience, where a mysterious, loving presence gave her all the wisdom in the world.

Janine said this figure stood beside her as they both watched people trying to save her from a pool, which she had just fallen in.

Janine wrote on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation: “As I was watching, I realised there was someone beside me.

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“This figure was much taller than me and taller than the average person. The figure felt older and more intelligent than me. I never turned to look at the figure.

“This figure felt like a guide more than like a family member. It was like we both belonged where we were and we both felt the same way about my family.

“I felt like I was a higher intelligence who knew more than a three-year-old would know. I felt like this was the real me and I was where I really came from.

“I felt as if I had an understanding of everything. I wasn’t afraid but I knew I didn’t want to go back to my body.

“I didn’t look at my parents like they were my mom and dad. I looked at them like I didn’t belong with them because I was not one of them.

“There was a moment when I realised I was going to go back and I felt that the figure was there to give me the understanding that I needed to go back.

“Then, I heard a very loud clap, like a crack of thunder.”

Suddenly, Janine was back in her body, but she following the experience she says she is now convinced there is a life after death.

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It is unlikely that an afterlife will ever be fully proven or dismissed, but simply believing in it could be beneficial to an individual, researchers believe.

Scientists state believing provides a sense of optimism and hope which can lead to a happier lifestyle.

Suzanne Newcombe, lecturer in Religious Studies at The Open University, said: “Holding open these ideas the possibility of immortality can have positive effects on health.

“From a biomedical perspective, this hope might help the body fight illnesses, improve the chances of spontaneous remissions or allow the illness to run its course, it’s more equanimity for the person involved.

“But even if there is no biological change, a focus on the possibility of immortality can help some individuals can disidentify from their bodily pain and develop a more peaceful relationship with their experience as their suffering.

“When this happens, improbable beliefs in an immortal body or soul can be seen as entirely rational and pragmatic even.

“However, when beliefs about immortality exclude attention to the biological physical body, it can have serious negative effects on health, and even cause untimely deaths.

“So, what we believe about death and our ideas of enteral life can really make a difference as to how we live, how we handle pain and suffering and experience being alive here and now.”

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