Lingerie-clad strippers take to the streets to demand safer poles to dance on

Scantily clad erotic dancers have hit the pavements to demand safety in their strip clubs.

Strippers in Northwest Portland, Oregon City – which has the most strip clubs per capita in the US – have come together in union to call for safer work environments.

The women have cited unsafe poles, dangerously uneven stage flooring and have called for more security in and around their establishments.

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One even said a dancer was drugged but couldn't report her assault because there was no CCTV.

Another said panic buttons should also be installed.

In an online petition, dancers at Magic Tavern claim some employees were fired because they brought up safety concerns, Bakersfieldnow reports.

Its dancers have been on strike Since April and last weekend gathered outside the club to make a stand and demand safer work conditions.

One dancer called Daphne said: "In this industry, we do so much to keep ourselves safe, we need the bare minimum of safety standards, health and hygiene in our club as it is.

"One of our dancers was drugged. Since there were no cameras at the time, she was not able to report her assault."

Another dancer called Spank Sinatra said: "The stage was not supplied with even flooring, which is dangerous when you’re wearing giant heels.

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"The pole isn’t properly installed either, which can be very dangerous."

Listing the improvements they wanted to see introduced, Daphne said: "We want a certified, dedicated security guard."

Fellow dancer Freyja added: "Preferably at least two on the busier nights, so one can walk around the club and make sure everything is going alright, and one that can be at the door, walk dancers out so there’s still security inside while the other security walks us out to the car safely."

She added: "We get put in dangerous ways a lot. So, it’d be nice to make an example, and maybe other places can up their security, and follow suit. And if this place becomes even better because of it, it’s at least one good club and hopefully more will follow."

The nightclub has not responded to media approaches for comment.

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