‘Living Nostradamus’ issues King Charles chilling prophecy as ‘countdown begins’
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  • King Charles has been issued a worrying health warning from the so-called "living Nostradamus" who claims to be able to predict the future.

    Never mind his chubby sausage-like fingers and toes, the monarch's latest medical advice concerns a whole other region of his body from an unlikely source.

    Future-seer Athos Salomé has urged Charles, 74, to "double his self-care" particularly of his crown jewels and prostate to enhance his odds of a successful stint on the throne.

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    The 36-year-old Brazilian mystic claims to have foreseen Coronavirus, Elon Musk buying Twitter and even the Queen's death.

    Ahead of next weekend's Coronation, Athos told the Daily Star: "Charles III must double the care with his health."

    Despite having no insight to the King's medical records, the seer seized the opportunity to speak directly to Charles.

    "Problems may arise in his urinary and sexual system, anus (prostate) and genitals, it is better to take care now if you want to reign in peace," he warned.

    According to this theory, the Brazilian fortune-teller says Charles' retirement could be forced due to a serious illness.

    Athos added: "From now on the countdown begins. We will find out if he remains in power between 2024/2025."

    Athos tends to use the Jewish cabala to support is deep dives into years to come and as such he believes the Coronation should be delayed by a month.

    Yet, he has no questions over the year of the occasion.

    "Cabalistically, King Charles III is indeed in the right year of his heart," Athos told the Daily Star. "Since at the age of 25, every two years something unusual happens in his life, 2023 is the official milestone and many things are yet to happen."

    A prediction from the great astrologer Michel de Nostradame has been interpreted to say King Charles III could abdicate and a new "mystery" King take the throne in his place.

    Now, with just 10 days to go before the eagerly-anticipated Coronation on May 6, the interpretation from leading expert Author Mario Reading remains in play.

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    According to the musings of the iconic 16th-Century astrologer – if interpreted in Reading's way – could mean Charles’ divorce from Princess Diana could bring widespread disapproval from the masses.

    Nostradamus' "living namesake" has seen into the future and believes World War Three could be sparked by Elon Musk fighting the Antichrist.

    Investigative paranormal Athos Salomé previously told the Daily Star how the Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter boss could be a Knight Templar and 2023 will see the Antichrist's return.


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