Loch Ness Monster experts slam new ‘sighting’ as ‘hoax’ after clip goes viral

Loch Ness Monster experts have slammed the most recent 'sighting' of the infamous beast as nothing but a hoax, to hopeful believer's dismay.

A YouTuber recently claimed he had caught a sinister figure near the banks of the loch on camera during a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

54-year-old Richard Mavor, who runs the YouTube channel Richard Outdoors, was shooting an aerial video with his 4k drone when he later realised he had caught the creature on film.

But just a few days after sharing his 'sighting,' critics and non-believers slammed the video as 'fake' and 'another hoax'.

Steve Feltham, a self-proclaimed Loch Ness Monster expert, says he was sent the footage and had a team of experts pull the footage apart.

He claimed that he has spent hours flying low over the loch and had never been able to see anything as clearly as the figure shown in the video.

Speaking to LADbible, Steve said: "Hoax. No question about it. I would expect a confession along the lines of, 'Fair cop, it was just for a laugh, it was for charity, etc.', any time soon."

The expert claimed that the 'fake sighting' was debunked in less than twenty-four hours.

Steve said that Mavor had duplicated a bit of the film to give "us a perfect 'before and after' shot."

He continued: "Unfortunately for him, we now had two versions of the same part of the film, one with his 'Nessie' in it and one without. Impossible.

"Soon after, someone else found an image online of a Plesiosaur that matched the look, colour and shape of creature in Mavor's film exactly.

"Quite simply Mavor had overlaid some film of this Nessie image onto his drone shot sequence."

Sightings of the mysterious Loch Ness Monster date back almost 100 years and experts claim they're no closer to finding 'the truth'.

The dreaded creature is popularly described as long-necked and large, with one or more humps showing from the water.

For Steve Feltham, the search for the monster he became obsessed with as a boy continues, as another exciting sighting is debunked.

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