Loch Ness Monster hunter says ‘there’s more than one’ after ‘clearest’ sighting

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A Loch Ness monster hunter claims his 'best sighting yet' proves Nessie is not alone in the water.

Eoin O Faodhagain has spent the last 34 years trying to spot the famous beast in person and online via a live stream from the loch.

The Irishman believes that in his greatest sighting yet, he saw something mysteriously dip beneath underwater when a cruise ship sailed towards it.

According to Eoin, what he witnessed on the webcam was potentially Nessie diving for cover – a phenomenon he has never seen before, the Daily Record reports.

He said: "I first went to Loch Ness in 1987 when I was on a bus coming from Fort Augustus to Invermoriston and I saw a large hump in the middle of the bay.

"Before I even got to Loch Ness I was always interested and this only intrigued me more.

"I've been watching the webcam for years and it was only in 2018 that I got my first sighting.

"I was in Loch Ness at the end of July with my wife and I've been there four times.

"I've now had 14 registered sightings. When I see something unusual I send it in and so do many others."

He told of his latest sighting saying it was perhaps his best.

"I thought it was very unusual for a cruiser to come from the castle direction and go towards it and it looked big on the water.

"It then disappears and goes under the water, the cruiser seems to be oblivious to anything there.

"You can see the wake on the water after the cruiser went by it.

"If anyone suggested they were looking at a boat- I've never seen two boats that close together on a Loch that is a mile wide.

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"I would say this is maybe my clearest sighting yet.

"This object looked to be on top of the water and then go down as the cruiser approached it.

"I've often had humps disappear but I've never seen it dive before.

"I definitely don't think it is a boat- boats don't disappear under the water.

"The weather conditions and visibility were good at the time of the sighting and the Loch was calm, and mirror like reflection on the water.

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"Because of the resolution of the webcam and the distance from the webcam to the object, it is never going to be conclusive evidence of unknown creatures in Loch Ness, but the videos are very intriguing to trigger further debate about the Loch Ness Mystery.

Mystery has surrounded the Loch for more than 100 years since the first sightings were made of the 'monster'- with a massive tourist industry developing around the phenomenon.

And Eoin believes there are maybe multiple creatures living there.

He said: "I believe there are unknown creatures or an unknown species in the Loch definitely.

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