Loch Ness Monster’s evil ‘twin’ feared as ‘Nessie humps’ seen in explosive clip
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    There could be two Loch Ness Monsters lurking in its waters, according to a Nessie hunter.

    Explosive new footage shows a huge black shape moving around the loch before two humps emerge from the water – leading to fears Nessie may have an evil "twin".

    Eoin O’Faodhagain was monitoring a webcam of the loch when he spotted a dark presence he estimated to be up to 30ft long. Within an hour, he spotted two humps surfacing not far away – appearing to be moving away from each other.

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    He said: “It is obvious that the two Nessie-like humps are moving over a two-minute period, and the larger hump of the two has changed position from the smaller one.

    "Given the fact that there is no disturbance of water visible between objects you would have to concur they are two separate moving creatures.”

    Eoin, 58, who logged on from his home in Co Donegal, Ireland, said there could be two or more different types of prehistoric creatures living in the lake.


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