Man, 79, arrives at hospital with beer bottle up bum and says ‘robbers did it’

A grandfather told doctors that three men broke into his house and shoved a bottle up his bum after they became angry they couldn't steal anything. 

The 79-year-old man presented himself to stunned doctors in Palo Negro, in central Venezuela, with the peculiar ailment, before the bottle was removed and police were informed.

After x-rays confirmed at least part of the man's story, he was moved to a different hospital where emergency surgery was performed.

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Reports suggested that the bottle couldn't be removed by hand because the rectum walls had "sucked" it too deep.

Sometimes a doctor will pass a tube between the object and the wall of the rectum to try to equalise the pressure as the object is removed, a process which involves sedation. 

However, in this man's case, he was brought to an operating room and likely put under general anesthetic as the object was reportedly too far into the rectum.

Emergency surgery is usually needed when there are signs of infection in the abdomen, a hole in the bowel, or heavy bleeding from the anus, according to Web MD.

It comes after a man got a WWII anti-tank shell lodged in his anus after, he said, he fell on it awkwardly. 

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Army bomb squad technicians were called into Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester in December last year, to help. 

The unnamed man aid the 57mm shell, which was around 80 years old, was from his private collection. 

A source told The Sun at the time: "The guy said he found the shell when he was having a clear out of his stuff.

"He said he put it on the floor then he slipped and fell on it — and it went up his a***.

"He was in a considerable amount of pain. I think he collected military memorabilia."

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