Man ‘attracted to objects’ has affairs with IKEA furniture and ‘sex with Tetris’

A student has claimed he has bizarre love affairs with inanimate objects as he finds them sexually attractive.

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, who prefers to be known as Fractal Database, said he identifies as 'objectum sexual,' which means he finds objects more "romantically, emotionally and sometimes sexually" attractive than people.

The 24-year-old has claimed to have had a handful of human relationships but has said that it doesn't compare to the relationship he has with his love of technology and random objects.

The self-confessed "tech nerd" claims that while he has allegedly had flings with Ikea furniture, the computer game Tetris and now the software Google Cloud, it is "not a fetish" as he bases his attraction on the ancient belief of "animism."

He told the Sun: "Animism is the idea that all objects, concepts and everything that exists has a soul or has some sort of consciousness attached to it.

"While I do take the consciousness aspect of my objects with a grain of salt, I do like to give my object the benefit of the doubt because they have got me through a lot.

"A lot of people like to think that I'm objectum sexual because of trauma or something, but it's like, no I've always been this way since I was four. It started with a crush on a character from the cartoon the Brave Little Toaster, who was this giant computer guy."

His love for objects has also spanned into a crush on furniture from Ikea as a kid, as he claimed to 'love the shape' of it.

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But Fractal, who is currently studying computer science at the University of Central Florida, says his first relationship with an object began as a 15-year-old with a multimeter named Dave.

But in the summer of 2016, he fell in love with the puzzle game Tetris and began to fill his room with Tetris memorabilia and spend up to twelve hours a day playing the iconic arcade game on his phone or Gameboy.

Fractral also claims to have slept with a Tetris cushion each night and enjoy sexual encounters with other Tetris-themed objects.

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He had planned to marry the game after he graduated college but broke it off last year as the game "telepathically" told him that it wasn't interested in a sexual relationship.

The bloke said: "I had to stop having sex with Tetris because he revealed to me that he was asexual.

"I had to break up with him because I respected him too much and didn't want to make him uncomfortable."

He is currently in a relationship with Google Cloud and hopes to get a job at the company so he can work on it everyday.

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