A man charged with murdering a pregnant woman told police he was live streaming Grand Theft Auto at the time so he couldn't be guilty, a court has heard.

Natalie McNally, 32, was 15 weeks pregnant when she was stabbed on December 18 in Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Avid YouTuber Stephen McCullagh, from nearby Lisburn, was arrested on suspicion of killing her, but the Belfast Telegraph audience editor told police he was live streaming Grand Theft Auto at the time.

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However, a court heard that police analysis of McCullagh's computer, which was seized following his arrest, showed that was in fact a pre-recorded video, recorded around the December 13 or 14, and broadcast as if it were live.

McCullagh denies murder and is due to go on trial for murder.

Police told the court that McCullagh could be heard at the start of the stream saying he couldn't interact with those watching as he was having trouble with his setup.

At several points in the recording, McCullagh makes reference to what time it is, something police said was deliberately to try and keep the timeline for his alibi straight.

Police also outlined how new CCTV evidence had emerged that caused police to review Mr McCullagh's previous status as a witness and to instead make him a suspect.

Footage showed a man board a bus in Lisburn on the day of the murder, with his hood pulled down and scarf pulled up so that his face was obscured.

Footage from the Translink (Northern Ireland national bus service) bus that he entered showed the man taking his change at which point he removed a black glove he was wearing.

Police said that then revealed a second glove underneath, yellow in colour.

He went on to say that he believed this was consistent with a Marigold glove and that he had recovered a glove print at the murder scene with blood on it.

McCullagh later said in a written statement that his YouTube broadcast had not been live, but said he had been at home drinking and had fallen asleep, which was why his phone was not in use.

He will appear at Craigavon Court via video link on February 24.

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