Man confronts ‘entitled’ neighbour after furious parking row over driveway

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A man decided enough was enough after his neighbour repeatedly used his driveway to reverse park onto her own property.

His neighbour even went so far as to order the man to keep his own driveway clear to make it easier for her to park.

The parking dispute escalated when the neighbour complained that she could not reverse park onto her own property when his car was parked in his own driveway.

Posting on the sub-Reddit forum r/EntitledPeople, the man detailed his long-running dispute with his neighbour.

Commentators praised the unnamed man for putting his “entitled neighbour” in her place.

In a post titled ‘Neighbour thinks they own my driveway,’ he explained: “I have had this God-awful neighbour for the last two years, who is nothing but a pain in my a**.

“I only have one car but like to park at the front of my driveway (fully in my property boundaries) so that I can easily direct my dogs to the car boot, and quickly access the car if I have to shoot off.”

He continued: “For two years I have been keeping my car further in as an inconvenience to myself because this crazy woman two doors down would demand access to my driveway so she can get to reverse park on hers because she is too lazy to turn around in the morning.”

He said that the dispute came to a head recently after he parked his car at the end of his driveway during an emergency as he rushed to get his gravely injured dog to the vet.

The callous neighbour then texted the man “to demand why the car was there and that she couldn’t use my drive”.

He continued: “I decided no longer am I being nice to her, so I parked just within my boundary. She went insane, first trying to guilt trip, next with anger. She is a full Karen in entitlement mode.”

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The man shared a series of text messages between the pair where the woman accused the man of “wanting to p*** people off if I’m honest”.

He then told her to stop using his property to park and vowed to park on the edge of his boundary line to stop her from ever doing so again.

The post prompted a lively discussion on Reddit, with 159 comments

The man responded to a user who supported his action, saying: “I cannot believe the level of entitlement she has, it’s astounding, to be honest!”

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“She is also the kind of neighbour/mother who lets her kids bounce footballs off others house walls, lean their scooters against neighbours cars (hence why I have mine in full CCTV view), scream and shout in the streets at all hours and all sorts.

“It’s madness being near this woman.”

One user, named weirdgroovynerd, responded: “Some people don’t respond to higher levels of communication like respect.”

Some remarked that the man had been “too nice,” as one user posted: “It doesn’t pay to be nice sometimes.”

The post echoes a similar Reddit post where a woman was left outraged after her neighbours got annoyed at her after she stopped letting them use her driveway.

The woman, who doesn’t drive, became fed up when her neighbours refused to move one of their cars to make space for a taxi that was taking her brother home from the hospital.

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