Man issues chilling warning after harrowing trip to ‘Hell’ during ‘heart attack’

A man who says he went to Hell and back described how the terrifying experience changed his life.

Gerald Johnson claimed in a video posted to TikTok that he was sent to Hell in February 2016, after suffering what he initially thought was a heart attack.

As the five-minute video opens, Johnson said: "Absolutely, I saw the real Hell. I was there.

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"And I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy, I don't care what the person has done to me."

He then described the moment he descended into the Earth's core, where he says Hell is located.

"I thought that I was having a heart attack," he recalled.

"My spirit left my physical body and I thought that I was going upward, because I thought I had done so much good in this lifetime and helped so many people […] but as opposed to me going up, I went down. I went literally into the centre of the Earth.

"The things that I saw were literally indescribable and it makes me emotional every time I talk about it."

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Gerald then described some of the things he saw when he was in Hell, including a man "on all fours like a dog" who was burnt from top to bottom and wearing a chain around his neck.

"It was a demon holding the chain," Johnson recalled.

"I knew that this demon was sent in this man’s life to ride him from his childhood to the time that he died."

Gerald then said he heard music playing and said that the lyrics were the same as those we hear on Earth, referencing Ubrella by Rihanna and Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

However, he said that instead of glamorous pop stars singing the refrains, it was demons carrying the tune.

He added: "Every lyric to every song is there to torment you as to the fact you didn’t worship god through music while you were on the Earth."

Gerald then revealed how he finally escaped Hell and made it back to Earth.

"I lifted up out of hell and I came back on the Earth and god began to speak to me. I actually saw the real Jesus," he said.

"He began to speak to me, and he said ‘you have been secretly upset with the people that hurt you, you have been hoping that I would punish the people who have hurt you’

"‘These are not your people these are my people, I only want you to focus on the assignment that I am giving you’

"Although I did good, the thing that I had in my heart was unforgiveness to people who have done me wrong.

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"Because a person who cannot forgive is a person who has forgotten how much they have been forgiven of."

The now-viral video has been viewed nearly three million times on TikTok and liked by 356,800 people, many of whom said Johnson's story resonated with them.

"Everyone who has this experience describes Hell in such a similar way. I believe him," one wrote.

"This is the third video in a few days I’ve seen of a different person's account of hell," a second added. "The stories match they see the same thing which is wild."


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