Man shares FBI negotiation tips to help you ‘always get what you want’

A man has shared FBI negotiation tips which claimed to help "win anyone over" including repeating their words.

TikTok user David Rooney, from Melbourne, Australia, said he learned the negotiation skills from FBI agent Chris Voss and one of the key techniques is "mirroring".

Speaking on his account @david_rooney, he says: "Here's a negotiation technique that will help win anyone over.

"It's called mirroring and it involves repeating keywords in a conversation to make someone feel like they're being understood.

"For example, if someone says, 'I'm having a really hard time, I feel like I'm under a lot of financial pressure and a lot of stress at the moment'. You could say back to them: 'Financial pressure and stress?'

"By repeating phrases and words that they said, it shows that you're empathising with them. It also reduces tension and makes the other person feel like they're being heard."

Another trick that also helps is to ask questions that would make the person says "yes" for three times.

"They are much more likely to say yes [to your question] because you've primed them to say yes in the previous three questions," David explained.

If you convinced the person to say "no", it would make them feel more comfortable to agreeing to your plan, he said.

The man gave examples: "Instead of asking 'Do you want to go to this restaurant for dinner?', try saying 'Do you have any objections if we go to this restaurant tonight?'

"Allowing them to say no while also agreeing to your plan makes them feel more comfortable."

Viewers were intrigued by the negotiation tips and said they wanted to test out on their family members.

One said: "That's a pretty cool approach. I'm going to try this on my oppositional son!"

A second added: "Using this on my husband to get me new handbags."

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