Mia Khalifa admits she loves ‘poppin’ pimples’ – but not all fans are on-board

Ex-Poirnhub star Mia Khalifa has admitted that she loves pimple popping, leaving her millions of fans questioning "why" she loves it.

The OnlyFans star took to TikTok to express her love for homegrown dermatology treatment, with plenty of comments left on the seven-second video.

In the video, influencer and model Mia was shown lounging around and expressing her love for pimple popping, in a video that has received hundreds of comments and thousands of views.

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The TikTok reel, which has gathered up over 30,000 likes so far, left plenty of fans questioning what the 30-year-old was doing popping pimples, but a few comments expressed some agreement.

Her reel was captioned "lemme get em stink" and showed Mia acting out the chance to pop some imaginary pimples.

Publishing the video yesterday, some text over the top of the reel read: "When he act like he doesn't love it when I pop his pimples."

Some fans were clearly confused by the former Pornhub star, with one simply asking "why", while another said Mia should not "stress" about the pimple popping.

A third comment added that pimple popping was on the same level as "plucking his eyebrows" while another comment questioned the "evolutional explanation" as to why Mia loved popping pimples.

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Her love for popping pimples comes as the OnlyFans alumni recently revealed her love for budget airline Ryanair.

Daily Star previously reported that the 30-year-old star had a lot of respect and "love" for the brand, saying they were a "great example of how to play your brand identity."

A slate of viral tweets has seen Ryanair enjoy a new presence on social media, which Head of Social at Ryanair, Micahel Corcoran, put down to wanting to "avoid clutter".

He added: "The airline wants to be part of their audience's world in order to connect with them on a deeper level."

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