Millions handed energy goldmine as fracking to OVERTAKE North Sea gas

Fracking disinformation coming from Russia claims expert

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Liz Truss announced that she would end the ban on shale gas extraction – better known as fracking, allowing it to take place in communities that support the practice. This move is poised to be a masterstroke for solving the energy security crisis, as a new report finds that fracking could overtake North Sea production within 15 years. Figures from the National Grid show that by 2037, fracking’s contribution to Britain’s energy needs could equal that produced by the North Sea, and then move on to eclipse it in the following year.

However, the figures also warned that Ms Truss’ plan to get gas supplies flowing within six months might be ambitious.

The analysis found that shale gas production would start slowly in 2026, before accelerating and becoming one of the UK’s main energy supplies.

The controversial energy extraction process was banned in 2019 after scientific analysis exposed the risk of seismic activity from the practice.

The National Grid forecast indicates that fracking could help the UK end its reliance on fossil fuel imports, which have come into focus since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over the past year, Vladimir Putin has manipulated the EU’s reliance on Russian oil and gas by squeezing supplies, which has global energy prices soaring.

Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP for North West Leicestershire and a vocal supporter of fracking, hailed Ms Truss’s announcement saying: “I am delighted the moratorium has been lifted.

“We should have started fracking two years ago. And the next best time to start is immediately. We need that gas.”

Charles McAllister, director of UK Onshore Oil and Gas said: “The development of UK shale gas offers community benefits, tax revenue, tens of thousands of well-paid and skilled jobs, a real chance to level up the UK and energy security.

“Imports offer none of these benefits. UK shale gas production can also be instrumental in delivering the goals of net zero and the Energy Security Strategy.”

However, fracking has faced many critics, with even the current Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng previously opposing a return to the practice.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine, Mr Kwarteng, the Business and Energy Secretary tweeted: “Additional North Sea production won’t materially affect the wholesale price (certainly not anytime soon).

“The wholesale price of gas has quadrupled in UK and Europe. Additional UK production won’t materially affect the wholesale market price.

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“This includes fracking – UK producers won’t sell shale gas to UK consumers below the market price. They’re not charities.”

While fracking could boost energy security through increased domestic gas, a study in the US published last month found that young children living near fracking wells at birth are up to three times more likely to later develop leukaemia.

The peer-reviewed study conducted by the Yale School of Public Health found children living within two kilometres of fracking sites were more at risk of leukaemia, which is one of the most common forms of cancer in children.

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