Mischievous monkey steals bag filled with £1,200 in cash and throws it off cliff

A mischief-making monkey caused park rangers to have to scale down a cliffside to retrieve a bag which the monkey had thrown.

The monkey grabbed a bag from a tourist in Srisaket province, northeast Thailand hoping to find food.

But after finding no snacks inside, the monkey launched the tote bag, which contained 50,000 baht (£1,200) in cash, off the side off a cliff.

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Park rangers were called to Khao Phra Wihan National Park by 55-year-old Thai woman at 3pm on Thursday (22 December).

She explained how a wild monkey grabbed her bag, went through it looking for food before and then threw it off a cliff in anger at finding nothing to eat.

The tourist pleaded with the rangers to help her retrieve the bag which contained many valuables and important personal documents as well as the wad of cash.

The rangers agreed and abseiled down the cliffside to get the bag, even managing to live-stream the rescue mission via Facebook.

After scaling down the 100 metre descent, the bag containing the valuables was located and returned safely to the thankful owner.

While down there, the rangers also spotted numerous other lost property, perhaps from past monkey business, which they collected and will work to reunite with the rightful owners.

The Chief of Khao Phra Wihan National Park said that the wild monkeys in the area are often aggressive and frequently snatch things from tourists when on the lookout for food.

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Park rangers advise tourists to stay alert at all times and avoid feeding the monkeys.

For some monkeys, food from tourists is their main source of food which caused problems in certain parts of Thailand during the pandemic when no tourists were about.

It culminated in the monkey's becoming even more aggressive with "monkey wars" erupting onto the streets.


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