Mum convinced she’s seen ‘3 crocodiles’ off Brit coast – but not everyone agrees

A Brit was stunned to snap what she believed were three crocodiles swimming off the coast of her holiday home.

Sarah Craven and her family had been on holiday and staying at Blue Dolphin caravan park in Filey, North Yorkshire.

She came across the "bizarre" scene when they went for a walk up the cliffs and her son shouted "there's crocodiles down there".

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In the video they shared, the three "apex predators" appeared to be floating as the water hit.

She posted on Facebook: "Suspicious creatures seen in Filey sea any ideas on what it could be? I saw it and have videos too.

"I fully believe there were three crocodiles swimming together. At first I thought there were two but then I seen a small one in the middle."

Some people reacted with a shocked face emoji and one commented: "Looked prehistoric to me."

But others were convinced that they are just "rocks".

Sarah, who was adamant that she saw tails "swishing" in the water, told ITV: "Everyone I spoke to thought I was mad and said they were rocks, seals, pilot whales or floating debris.

"I know it wasn't. I saw what I saw, and my fiancé and and two step-children saw it too.

"I saw front and back legs swimming at the side of two large crocodiles or alligators, and the long pointed tails were swishing behind them."

Dr Angela Julian from the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK, refuted her claims.

She said: "These are definitely not crocodiles.

"It is extremely unlikely we would be seeing such tropical species in the North Sea.

"I had entertained the idea they might be seals or walruses, plastic crocodiles or even floating debris.

"But having viewed the clip and stills, myself and my colleagues are agreed they are semi-submerged rocks."


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