Mum ‘utterly humiliated’ after being ‘told off’ for breastfeeding baby at museum

A mum was left “utterly humiliated” after she was told off for breastfeeding at a Cambridge museum by a staff member.

Fae Church had been breastfeeding her three-month-old son at The University Museum of Zoology on Saturday, October 15, when a member of staff told her off.

She claims to have been warned "it’s not ok because no food and drink are allowed” in the museum.

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Fae, 35 from Haverhill, Suffolk, was visiting the museum with her husband, Aaron, and their two children; Sophie, 5, and Reuben three months old,CambridgeshireLive reports.

Fae found a little area next to a Komodo dragon skeleton at the museum where there was a corner, a pillar and a chair.

She grabbed the chair and put it around the side because “there was someone near it at the time” and "went around the other side away from them".

“I positioned myself with the pillar to my back and my buggy in front of me to act as a screen, I try and be as private as I possibly can with it and so I sat there,” she added.

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The mum said she sat there “quite happily” breastfeeding Reuben for around five minutes.

A few people walked past Fae but she said they didn't pay her any attention.

After Reuben finished feeding, Fae started to burp her son but said she noticed a female employee walk past and claims she gave her a “sort of funny sideways glance”.

Fae engaged with the woman and said: “I hope you don't mind, I just made this my breastfeeding corner.

“There was a sort of silence and she looked at me again and she went ‘actually no, it’s not ok because no food and drink are allowed to be consumed in the museum’.

“I stared at her, my jaw slightly went open and I didn’t know what to say, she then said ‘there is a café upstairs, you should have gone there’.”

Fae continued: “I felt utterly humiliated like a little girl at school, just getting told off, I didn't know what to say”.

Fae said she was left “absolutely stunned”, adding that she has breastfed both her children and this was the first time she has received anything negative towards breastfeeding in public.

“Especially from a woman," Fae said. "I found it quite shocking.

“She seemed disgruntled with me. It was just bizarre and it left me really shaken up.”

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The University Museum of Zoology states on its website that "Breastfeeding and bottle feeding is welcomed in all Museum spaces”.

In a response to this a spokesperson for The University Museum of Zoology said: “On behalf of all the staff and volunteers at the Museum of Zoology we can only apologise wholeheartedly for what happened to Fae and the way she was made to feel.

"We absolutely allow and welcome breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in all our public spaces."


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