‘My Motorola phone is haunted – it torments me the same chilling text every day’

A "haunted" phone has been tormenting a pensioner with a flood of texts and strange alerts.

Diane Key, 80, said one night she was awoken by a bright light from her new Motorola G13 handset.

She switched its torch off and went back to sleep but the next night the light returned to haunt her again.

And ever since the torch has come on at the same time every night.

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Terrified Diane, of Horstead, Norfolk, said her device also bombarded her with thousands of the same texts each day which read: "No probs – I not forgotten you x."

She said: “I’m using my old one now, I can’t be doing with it, it’s ridiculous!

“It all started when I couldn’t transfer my 300-odd contacts automatically and had to do them manually, I knew it would be trouble.

“Then all the texts started coming through every blooming minute, they go right the way through the ones I’ve received then they all start coming again.”

She added: “The whole thing is really spooky, especially when the torch keeps coming on.

“It’s like it’s haunted, things like that scare you at my age.”

Diane has now switched the phone off and put it in her bedside drawer.

And she wants Tesco to take the ghoulish phone back and free her from her contract.

Spiritual medium Tita Martell believes it is more likely to be a tech glitch rather than a ghost.

Tita said: “I haven’t come across a haunted phone before, so I’d say this is very rare.

“It’s quite possible though, because it is all about the energy which has attached itself to it and what is connected to it.

“Anything can become haunted in theory.”

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