Mysterious ‘flashing lights’ spotted on moon spark conspiracy meltdown

Space buffs are analysing footage that appears to show bright flashing lights on the surface of the moon.

The video was posted on YouTube earlier this month by UFO Institute, and it immediately caught the attention of sky-watchers and conspiracy theorists.

The footage, which is nearly five minutes long and was filmed on September 2 by Ruben Ariza from Colombia, shows several lights repeatedly flashing.

The video has now been reviewed by Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10, who has more than two million YouTube subscribers.

He is not yet fully convinced of its authenticity, but he believes it is worth exploring further.

“When I first saw this on my cell phone when it popped up, I thought it was an immediate fake – almost like someone had just placed a still image of the moon in a video editor, made it to slowly move from right to left across the screen and added in these flashing lights,” he said.

“Because I was, like, ‘Where’s the movement? Where is the atmosphere distortion that you always get when recording the moon from a telescope?’

“But then when I played it on full screen there is indeed what appears to be some atmospheric wobble there, so that definitely piqued my interest.”

Tyler added: “This is very clear and crisp footage of the moon. I’m not totally sold. What would sell [it to] me is if we had some corroborating footage of the exact same thing. There’s got to be another moon-watcher out there who caught this.

“If this is indeed authentic, just Wow! If it’s not, it’s just another one we can rule out, but we know there have been thousands of legitimate sightings and captures of strange things happening on the moon and above it.”

Comments made underneath Ruben’s original video included: “Looks like a whole damn civilisation.” Another said: “There's ships or structures in those craters by the looks of it”.

But another commentator – perhaps more realistically – said: “You know, those lights are awfully close to the Apollo 11 landing position. It's possible that it's just some debris reflecting light from the sun.”

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