Mysterious ‘UFO’ seen flying over Brit city on night of US rocket launch

Stargazers have claimed a massive cone-shaped "UFO" was spotted hovering in the sky above a Brit city.

Residents in Hull and East Yorkshire claimed to have witnessed the same aerial phenomenon on Monday night (September 27), which happened to be the launch night of Atlas V rocket at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The Atlas V rocket carried NASA's most powerful Earth-imaging satellite, Landsat 9, to a sun-synchronous orbit to allow scientists to accurately compare two images at different times and track changes over time.

From what the stunned locals recorded, the footage shows a clear bright object with a conical shape.

The UFO hangs above the sky for a short while and begins to move in a linear projectile.

Baffled locals told Hull Live: "It was a huge white triangle in the sky no noise at all, no planes showing up on the flight tracker.

"It has to be something in orbit but was something I've never seen before, and to say how high it was the projected light must have been miles wide."

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Another added: "It was a triangle of light moving across the sky, it was so unnatural."

The footage sparked exciting discussions online and people living in Leicestershire also reported the same sighting.

Some were convinced that the UFO was part of the rocket re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

"Took this picture late last night…very strange," a viewer commented on Facebook.

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"Turns out to be a Rocket launched in America… Thought I was seeing things!"

Previous rocket launches have sparked a similar UFO meltdown, with the sight of the craft soaring into space often resulting in a cone-shaped image in the sky.

According to SpaceFlight Now, the spent rocket is expected to return back into Earth’s atmosphere three hours after launch for a destructive re-entry over the Pacific Ocean.

Landsat 9 can take more than 700 images of Earth per day, according NASA.

The launch had previously been delayed because of supply chain troubles that limited access to liquid nitrogen.

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