Mystery boom ‘like explosion’ terrifies residents as houses start ‘shaking’

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Hundreds of people have been left baffled by a mysterious loud boom that rocked a city over the weekend.

The source of the strange noise in New Hampshire, US, on Sunday (October 10) is still unknown.

Social media has been flooded with videos showing trees and homes shaking as the deafening noise is heard.

Some suggested it could have been anything from a meteor to a US Air Force jet being tested overhead.

But the US Air Force had not confirmed or denied anything when questioned by the New York Times this week.

It was also suggested by many on social media that the noise could have been a minor earthquake, but the America’s National Earthquake Information Centre said that none of the agency’s stations had found any evidence of an earthquake in all of New England during the past seven days.

Local resident Dan was, according to the NYT, “sipping kombucha and playing a video game with his wife when he heard what he thought was a large explosion”.

He said: “There was a kind of a loud boom that rattled our whole house.

“It had like an audible boom to it. It was very strange. That’s why everyone thought it was like an explosion at first.”

Mr Brian, 38, confirmed that no damage was done to his home, but that his dogs were “just as confused”.

He added: “No one’s owned up to anything.”

More than 400 people had shared their observations of the boom on, but, according to local reports, only one person had reported it to the emergency services.

The area is prone to small earthquakes, and a 1.7 magnitude event took place on August 22.

In nearby Tennessee, a 2.0 magnitude took place just five days prior, although it is not thought that the aftershocks would stretch that far and last that long, either.

According to USA Today, a local meteorologist had suggested that the sound was caused by a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere, but there was no actual evidence to support this.

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