Mystery craft soars past model’s plane at 20,000ft in ‘best UFO footage ever’

A model has recorded the jaw-dropping moment a UFO zoomed past her cockpit at 20,000ft.

Valentina Rueda Velez captured the clear footage of the object when while in a private plane on Tuesday, April 4.

In the clip she shared on Instagram Story, she is flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet under a bright, blue sky.

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About 10 seconds into the video, a small black dot appears on the right side of the screen.

A disc-shaped saucer zooms past the cockpit and banks to one side before sliding past Valentina's plane.

UFO enthusiast The Hidden Underbelly, shared the clip and said: "In this footage we get a clear view of this object and this looks damn good.

"It seems to be a saucer shape craft."

Fans were impressed and convinced that it could be a rare visit from the extra-terrestrials.

One commented: "That looks so real! Great catch whoever took this video!"

"Definitely looks real to me. It's always difficult to judge the size, maybe the size of a small car?" a second wrote.

"It looked fairly close and that frame let us know it was obviously a metallic object."

Others dismissed the possibility of a UFO, with one suggesting: "It looks like a drone."

"I would guess it's just flying debris!" a second penned.

But the majority of viewers agreed that it's "one of the best UFO video footage ever filmed".

Valentina did not respond or elaborate further after sharing the footage online.

This came after stunned residents from a small Bolivian village found an alien lying dead in a gutter.

It remains unclear whether a sneaky opportunist removed the alien corpse or whether its alien pals beamed it onboard their UFO before making an intergalactic getaway.


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