Mystery sea creatures alive in deep ocean ‘a major gap in scientific knowledge’

Scientists sweeping the Earth's ocean floors have admitted the results of an international study have show just how much we still don't know about mysterious sea creatures stalking the deep.

In fact, the majority of the samples they recovered had DNA that had never been seen before – meaning the creatures the samples came from are completely unknown to modern science.

Genetics professor Jan Pawlowski from the University of Geneva, in Switzerland, was part of the worldwide study that compared DNA strands recovered from material at the bottom of the world's oceans to that of creatures living nearer the surface.

And, in fact, the research's conclusions suggest there may be three times as much divergent life on the bottom of our oceans than previously thought – so there's still a load of mysteries to get stuck into down there.

Prof Pawlowski said :"We compared our deep-sea benthic DNA sequences to all reference sequences available for known eukaryotes [cells with a clearly defined nucleus].

"Our data indicates that nearly two-thirds of this benthic diversity [life at the bottom of the ocean] cannot be assigned to any known group, revealing a major gap in our knowledge of marine biodiversity."

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Last week, the Daily Star reported how a chilling video had captured the terrifying moment a glowing-eyed sea beast seemed to chase after a fisherman as he desperately tried to flee in his speed boat at full throttle.

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The sea creature appears to be a long, dark beast with glowing eyes as it chases after him.

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