NASA considering using Hulk Hogan as official measurement – thanks to Daily Star
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    Top boffins at NASA were so impressed by the Daily Star's use of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan as a unit of measurement that they are “seriously considering” using it themselves – and no, this is not a joke.

    Yesterday (May 25), we revealed that one of the biggest asteroids to crash into Earth's orbit is set to do so next month.

    Given the catchy title of 2020 DB5, it has been placed on NASA's Near Earth Object list ahead of its June 15 impact.

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    Measuring a whopping 850 metres in diameter, the rock will also be travelling at around 9.51 km/s.

    The Daily Star's top boffins worked out that 850 metres is the same as around 422 Hulk Hogans standing one on top of the other.

    The former multi-time wrestling champion allegedly measures in at around 2.01 metres, although he also claimed he had 16” biceps at one stage…

    A source from a top NASA lab in California got wind of this news – as did several other members of staff.

    The source exclusively told the Daily Star: “I am ready to start lobbying NASA to seriously consider adopting Hulk Hogans as our new measurement baseline.

    “The rocket scientists are amused.”

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    Other measurement units adopted by the Daily Star in recent months include 85 Ryan Reynolds for a decent-sized mega rock which flew into Earth's orbit earlier this month, as well as one the size of 90 elephants, another as tall as 24 emus, and we even calculated that one was the size of 123 OnlyFans-turned-boxing star Elle Brooke.

    But it is the multi-time WWE champion, 69, that has seemingly piqued the interest of NASA's top experts.

    And one even asked: “Watcha gonna' do when Hulk Hogan as an official NASA measurement unit runs wild on you?”

    The Daily Star has reached out to Hulk Hogan for a comment.

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