Nose of extreme monkeypox patient starts to rot as doctors said it was sunburn

A man’s nose has started to rot in one of the most shocking cases of monkeypox seen so far.

From Germany, the 40-year-old noticed a red spot appearing on his nose – but when he went to his doctor he was told it was sunburn.

The situation continued to get worse though, and soon the new lesion turned black.

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Sores filled with puss began to crop up all over his body, particularly around his mouth and on his penis, says medical journal Infection.

After this development, the man, whose name has not been made public, was tested for monkeypox.

He was given anti-virals and had tests done for STIs – the findings concluded he had both HIV and syphilis.

He told the doctors it was the first time he had been tested – but the syphilis had spread to his organs it had developed so much.

Meanwhile, further testing found that his HIV had developed into AIDS.

The sores on his skin were dried out by the anti-viral medication but his nose was only marginally helped by it.

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The authors of the study said that he was immunocompromised by HIV, which had caused the severe nature of his symptoms.

It made him vulnerable to necrosis, which is where body tissue can die despite being part of a living person.

There have currently been 3,213 cases of monkeypox reported in Germany with some 39,000 thought to have been detected worldwide according to the US-basedCenter for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

At the time of writing, the CDC reported that the UK had registered 3,081 cases. No deaths have been recorded in either country.

No update has been provided on the man’s recovery by the doctors who wrote the journal entry.


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