Nuclear missile warning: RAF fears UK early warning systems thwarted during Russia crisis

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The RAF is concerned over the rollout of new smart meters, that work on similar frequencies as the early warning system for missiles and are run the risk of interference. This comes as an expert warned that Russia is developing a “superweapon” in the form of a nuclear-powered cruise missile. As a result of these concerns, energy bosses have been forced to halt installations across parts of Yorkshire.

People who live near RAF Fylingdales have been refused an upgrade to a smart meter because their signals may clash with its ballistic missiles radar equipment, according to the Telegraph.

These are radar bases that form a part of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).

As part of intelligence-sharing arrangements between the US and the UK, the RAF Fylingdales will share the data it collects with the US.

This data gives the Governments of both countries a vital warning of an impending ballistic missile attack.

This base also has a few other vital functions, like being part of the US Space Surveillance Network and keeping track of spy satellites from other countries.

The reason these smart meters pose such a threat is that the frequencies they use to send data to suppliers are very similar to ones used by Fylingdales.

As a result of this, ministers have stopped the rollout of smart meters to some homes within the North York Moors National Park.

The energy firms will now need to install a new type of smart meter that would operate on the 454MHz frequency instead of the standard 422-424MHz band used by most smart meters.

According to the Telegraph, a letter from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, was sent to some households late last year.

It read: “Some premises within the vicinity of RAF Fylingdales will require new technology that industry has been developing – a special type of communications hub – for smart meters at those properties to connect to the national smart metering network.”

The early warning systems are crucial to the UK’s defence, as Russia policy expert Clint Ehrlich has claimed Putin’s military is running a secret programme of “superweapons” capable of taking on the US – in the event of talks over Ukraine breaking down.

Mr Ehrlich’s warning comes as the Kremlin continue to mass troops near Ukraine, provoking Western fears of an invasion.

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Mr Ehrlich told “There are additional super weapons that they’ve been developing, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

“This was actually something that the US looked at during the Cold War and it was viewed to be too dangerous.

“Because the fear is that if the nuclear reactor on the bottom of the missile malfunctions, you can just have this thing that starts going around the earth over and over and over again spewing nuclear waste everywhere.

“Russia has been developing that as a potential weapon.”

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