Official slammed for saying boy being forced into sex with cat is ‘normal’

A senior politician has issued an apology over jaw-dropping public comments he made following the death of a boy who'd been forced to have sex with a cat.

The shocking incident resulted in the death of the 11-year-old last week in West Java, Indonesia, after bullies forced him to carry out the sick act.

After the lowlifes filmed the incident and posted the video online, it’s thought the unnamed boy became severely depressed and subsequently refused to eat, leading to his death.

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Now West Java vice-governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum has had to say sorry for outrageous comments he made following the case, reports Indonesian site Coconuts.

He suggested that the only thing the bullies did wrong was post the video online.

Over the weekend, Uu met with the victim’s family in Tasikmalaya. But instead of offering them his sympathies, he told the assembled media: “When we were that age, of course there was bullying. Even a friend of mine [fornicated] with a bull in Cikatomas, I’ll have you know.

“My neighbour [fornicated] with their chicken when they were around primary school age. It’s just kids joking around. It’s normal.

“But now with social media, the question is why did [the bullying incident] have to go viral?”

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Uu also urged the victim’s family to drop charges against the bullies, for the sake of the kids’ futures, and called instead on the police to go after those who’d helped the video go viral.

But on Monday (July 25), in an abrupt U-turn following public outrage over his comments, he claimed he’d been only joking.

At a press conference, he said: “What I said while I was joking with members of the press was that it’s normal for kids to tease each other.

“I apologise for my statement, because when I used to be a kid and taunting each other was normal, even though it’s wrong. I’m sorry for my mistake.”

Police say they have identified three of the bullies so far, although no criminal charges have yet been brought.


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