Only 1 percent of people can spot the baby panda hiding among the students

Test your eyesight with our latest animal optical illusion brainteaser. The fun activity will definitely put your mind to the test, asking players to spot the baby panda hidden among the humans.

The challenge needs to be done at speed. It’s claimed by the creator that 99 percent of people struggle to do it in under 9 seconds. 

Could you be part of that top one percent?

These kinds of puzzles aren’t always easy to crack as everything often blends into one. Stick a timer on and see how quickly you can solve the optical illusion.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below!

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In this hard brain teaser, an old photograph shows a large group of students, both men and women.

But if you look close enough, there’s a panda hiding somewhere in the picture.

If you can find the panda in under 9 seconds, you will have successfully completed the brainteaser quicker than 99 percent of others.

Need some help? Try looking in the centre-right of the picture. You should be able to see the tiny black and white panda hiding.

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