Only people with a high IQ can find the horse’s body in tricky illusion

Optical illusions never fail to intrigue both puzzle experts and novices, and this one is no exception.

Two charming horses stand side by side, but here’s the twist—one of them seems to be playfully locking eyes with the camera.

Your job is to figure out which horse is the cheeky one!

The puzzle lies in the horses’ uncanny resemblance, making it a tricky task to distinguish between them.

The way they’re positioned and their matching colouring will surely keep you guessing.

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Struggling to solve the puzzle? We won’t keep you in suspense for long.

If you’re still playing along, stop reading now because the answer is just below.

Now, the moment of truth: the correct horse making eye contact is the second one, positioned to the right of the photo. The giveaway clue is the creature’s darker mane, which sets it apart from its companion.

If you’re intrigued by optical illusions and eager to explore more brainteasers, there’s another challenge waiting for you.

Earlier today we shared a viral photograph that has been puzzling social media users. The photograph challenges you to find the hidden rabbit.

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