Only the most eagle-eyed Brits can spot the racecar driver in under 6 seconds

There are dozens of racecars in this pic – but only one has someone in the driver’s seat. 

It’s understood only the most eagle-eyed Brits will be able to find them. 

Finding them is a real test of your concentration and intelligence – not to mention your eyesight. 

Take a close look to see if you can locate the driver.

Don’t worry if you’re finding it difficult. Just scroll down to find the answer.

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Did you manage to find them?

The driver is on the bottom row, one in from the left.

Remember to check back tomorrow for another brain-tickler. 

Brainteasers like these keep your mind active and stretches it like you need to with any muscle.

This kind of challenge has been known to be part of maintaining a healthy brain – like a mental workout – to help reduce your risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you love solving brain puzzles, there are many others at that you can look out and test your skills.

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