Only the sharpest minds can solve this tricky brainteaser in 10 seconds or less

Brainteasers are a great way to spend some time on the morning commute or in a quiet moment.

They can come in many forms and varieties. They can be observational and ask you to spot an oddity in an image.

On the other hand, they can be analytical and require you to decipher a riddle in order to come to the answer.

This brainteaser by is an example of the latter. You are presented with a series of balls and numbers. Your task is to work out the value of the last row of balls.

The question is whether you can solve this brainteaser in under 10 seconds.

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Did you work out the answer to the brainteaser? If not, no worries, the answer is 16.

Each football is worth 10, each American football is worth 4, and each basketball is worth 2.

While brainteasers are a great way to kill time and could be considered a just bit of fun, they could have long-term benefits.

Brainteasers help to exercise the mind in the same way cycling or running exercises other muscles in the body. As a result, this could help to reduce your risk of developing a degenerative neurological disease such as dementia.

Dementia is one of the UK and the world’s most significant health crises as cases continue to rise and more people lose their lives to a form of the disease.

In recent weeks, there have been calls for diagnosis pathways to be changed so people can get treatment sooner. Ahead of the next general election, the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK has called for the major political parties to make pledges for dementia research.

Executive director of policy and communication, Samantha Benham-Hermetz said: “This isn’t about winning over voters with warm words.

“It’s about committing to tangible actions that will ensure we have a future where there is a cure for dementia, and where people can be free from the fear and heartbreak of this devastating condition.”

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