Only those with a genius IQ can work out this birthday riddle within time limit

Brain teasers are not just simple puzzles and riddles but are a type of game that involves lateral thinking. 

To solve a brain teaser, one must use a creative, less straightforward thought process to find a solution that won’t be right in front of your eyes.

However, if you think creatively then you might be able to crack it. 

One such mind-boggling riddle asks you to find out how many birthdays does an average person have?

So, to solve the riddle, one may need the knowledge of birthday and the number of months and days a year have.

It is believed that only those with a genius IQ can work out this birthday riddle within time limit. 

A year has 12 months and human beings are born once.

Birthdays are the days when you start your life and from that day your life span starts.

So, an average person will have only one birthday in a year.

Were you able to find the solution? 

Brain teasers frequently present difficult problems that call for unconventional or intricate solutions. 

Individuals can cultivate a mindset that welcomes difficulties and promotes creative problem-solving techniques by regularly participating in brain teasers. 

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