Only those with a high IQ can spot all the triangles hidden in the picture

This brain teaser, from Bright Side, features a triangle.

Your task is to spot all the hidden triangles in five seconds. If you can spot all of the hidden triangles in under five seconds you could have a high IQ.

Furthermore, regular brain teasers such as this one could have long-term benefits for the mind and body.

Some experts suggest that regular brain teasers and puzzles such as crosswords could help you maintain your brain health for a little longer.

Did you spot all the triangles in under five seconds? No worries if you didn’t, the answers are below.

Brain teasers are not just a great way to spend a few moments, they could also have long-term benefits.

Puzzles like sudoku and crosswords help exercise the brain and make it healthier. The healthier your brain, the less likely you might be to develop neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

This isn’t to say brain teasers will stop you from getting dementia, other factors such as diet and lifestyle can have an impact too, but regularly exercising the brain could help keep it sharper for longer.

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