Only those with the best eyesight can spot the hidden ghost in under 12 seconds

With the spooky season of Halloween just around the corner, people are already on their way to making their homes look scary.

To make the festive feel more interesting, a spooky brainteaser shared by Buzz Bingo challenges you to spot the hidden ghost which is hidden somewhere in the graveyard.

The creepy puzzle will leave your mind struggling with several skeletons, pumpkins and graves placed all across.

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Could you spot it?

Try splitting the image into sections and let your eyes wander around it to spot the hidden ghost.

Have you found it yet? Are you among those 12 per cent of respondents or have been ghosted?

Don’t worry, we have the answer prepared for you! Look closely to the right and you will see the scary ghost hiding between a grave and a skeleton.

Brainteasers are a fun way to test your mental ability. If you love solving such puzzles, we have many more for you here.

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