Only those with the sharpest eyesight can spot the odd one out in under 14 secs

Can you spot the odd one out?

This brainteaser is a spot the difference, featuring lots of small Halloween motifs which make up the design.

But one of them is not like the others and only brainiacs can figure out which one.

The design is from blinds retailer BlindsbyPost and includes images of skeletons, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, bones, witches hats and cauldrons.

If you’re struggling, try focusing on the top left corner.

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Could you spot the difference? The odd one out is featured towards the top left of the brainteaser, and features one of the skeletons raising its hand.

Brainteasers are a great way to test the mind and can be done in a quiet moment on a commute or in a waiting room.

They can also be calming activities used to challenge yourself. They are popular for families and children and people who want to keep their mind active as they get older.

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The games could also have long-term health benefits by helping to keep the brain healthier for longer.

They stimulate cognitive ability and create bursts of intense focus, reinforcing the bond between cells to improve brain health and memory.

Doing brainteasers is not guaranteed to reduce your risk of developing degenerative conditions, but they could help keep the brain in better shape.

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