OnlyFans star with ‘fattest vagina’ to quit partying after trashing Airbnb

A surgery-addicted OnlyFans star racked up a staggering £8,280 Airbnb bill after trashing a rental property – but now she's vowed to turn her life around.

Mary Magdalene, 30, spent weeks in the West Hollywood, US, apartment partying hard with pals,

However, on Tuesday (June 28) the owner Adrian slapped her with an eye-watering bill for "damage or unexpected cleaning" after she checked out.

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She isn't too happy with the charges, either.

Taking to Instagram she fumed: "$13k for a stain on the couch and table? Girl bye. I don't mind assisting paying some money but that is so fake and wrong."

On Sunday (June 26), Mary said she was returning to her home in Canada and waving goodbye to the extravagant boozy benders.

"It's been wild as hell. Can't wait to go home in a couple days. No more partying. Back to being boring Mary sober queen," she wrote.

Her LA partying went so far that police arrived at the Airbnb last week, responding to a welfare check.

She shared images of the officers searching through her bedroom with her 140,000 Instagram followers.

"Girl, who called the police on me?" she wrote.

The search wasn't her first run in with LA cops in recent weeks.

A few days prior she posed in a skimpy American flag-themed bikini alongside some officers, captioning the post: "I love police. Cop lover."

Mary had her first cosmetic procedure aged 21 and since has had multiple boob and nose jobs, butt lifts, veneers and liposuction to name just a few.

In 2018, she claimed she almost died during a vagina "inflation" procedure in Colombia.

"I had to get two blood transfusions," she told The Sun.

"The doctor said I was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die."

She now claims to have the "world's fattest vagina" and added: "I'm gonna keep just growing it and getting it bigger. I'm gonna get injections."

Earlier this month, she said her 10kg breasts got her booted off a flight from Canada to the US.

She'd paid £3,999 to fly to Dallas, but claimed the cabin crew kicked her off, citing the fact she was wearing headphones and not listening to instructions.

She didn't believe this was the real reason.

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Mary said on Instagram: "I was kicked off the flight for how I look.

"Please stop discrimination, please this is disgusting.

"I feel so embarrassed and dehumanised right now, you guys have no idea."


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