Optical illusion reveals your personality in seconds and people feel ‘attacked’

A mind-bending optical illusion shared on TikTok finds out about the kind of personality you have.

However, the picture has left many people feeling “ attacked”.

The photo shared by a TikTok user mia_yilin simply asks you to quickly glance at the picture and decide what you see – is it a duck or a rabbit?

Once you are done looking at the picture, the video further reveals what kind of personality you have.

The TikTok user said in the video: “If you first saw the duck, then you are someone who seems very optimistic on the outside, but you are actually more of a pessimistic person.

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“Your emotions are quite unstable and you can be happy one second and but depressed the next. You are usually a very forgiving and understanding person but if someone violates your hard boundaries then you will be extremely upset with them.”

And those who saw a rabbit, the user said: “If you first saw the rabbit, then you are a chronic procrastinator. If you don’t feel passionate about something, it’s very difficult for you to do it.

“But even if it is something that you take very seriously it’s as if you physically cannot bring yourself to take action until the very last minute.

“Also, you are very good at masking your emotions and even when you are having a complete mental breakdown on the inside, you can seem completely fine on the surface.

However, social media users who saw the rabbit first, claimed they were left “attacked” after hearing what it implies.

One person wrote: “Getting roasted for seeing a rabbit.”

Another wrote: “Feeling attacked right now… where my rabbit crew.”

A third user wrote: “I feel attacked when I heard chronic procastinator.”

A fourth user echoed the sentiments and wrote: “Literally on tiktok procrastinating seeing the rabbit first. She didn’t have to attack me like that.”

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